Real Estate

Real estate is at the core of our firm. Our dedicated team provides specialist advice on real estate and construction matters and, at the same time, remains focused on our clients’ objectives. We take a commercial approach to transactions to ensure that our clients’ commercial aims and achieved.

We assist our clients with all matters relating to commercial or private real estate deals. This includes property conveyancing, the leasing of offices or the structuring and setting up of a real estate property funds as authorised by the local financial services regulator. Other services include litigation relating to immovable property, as well as robust advice on institutes of civil law such as easements, payment and redemption of ground rents and other burthens on real estate.  

Our real estate services include:

  • Private or Commerical real estate deals
  • Property Conveyancing
  • Letting of Real Estate (Residences/offices/commercial)
  • Litigation relating to immovable property, including a proven track record in human rights actions relating to immovable property
  • Servitudes, Emphyteusis and similar institutes
  • Assistance with Promise of Sale Agreements
  • Liaison with notaries
  • Fiscal issues relating to immovable property deals
  • Review of title to property and advice re liabilities, liens and hypothecs
  • Construction agreements (FIDIC trained)
  • Construction disputes
  • Land Expropriation Cases
  • Public Land Concessions
  • Planning Matters and Disputes

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